Carozza Endorsed by Law Enforcement in State Senate Race

Mary Beth Carozza has been endorsed in her State Senate Race by the Maryland Fraternal Order of Police, an organization composed of approximately 22,000 law enforcement professionals dedicated to keeping our communities safe.

“I am humbled and honored to have the support of the law enforcement community in my campaign to be the next State Senator for District 38,” Carozza said. “In Annapolis and on the Shore, I will always advocate for public safety and stand with those who put their lives on the line to keep us safe.”

Setting the Record Straight

Setting the Record Straight

I have been asked by constituents and supporters about a misleading mailer that was paid for by the Maryland Democratic Senate Caucus that distorts my voting record on education. The incumbent is getting desperate, so here are the facts.

Unlike Jim Mathias, who voted for every wasteful budget that Martin O’Malley put forward with no questions asked, I’m willing to vote “NO” on a budget when wasteful spending is added late in the game, and that’s why I ran for office in the first place, to hold the line on excessive spending. This was the case in 2015 when I joined with Governor Hogan in opposing the final version of the state's budget - that’s the vote that Jim Mathias and his friends in Annapolis are now using to attack me. I will always stand up against these types of last-minute partisan maneuvers.

I am also proud to have stood against legislation that eliminated Governor Hogan's oversight of school construction funding and gave that power to unelected bureaucrats and placed it at the mercy of backroom deals. Jim Mathias voted for this irresponsible and disastrous bill, and then voted to override Governor Hogan's veto. We can't take four more years of Jim Mathias siding with Baltimore and Annapolis power brokers over our values.

Incumbent’s Recent Statements on Governor Don’t Match His Record of Opposing the Hogan Agenda

Ocean City, MD—Delegate Mary Beth Carozza responded to comments made by incumbent State Senator Jim Mathias in regard to Governor Larry Hogan’s leadership.

“Those are some odd comments coming from someone who has a record of opposing Governor Hogan’s agenda and overriding his vetoes. Senator Mathias is desperate and will do or say anything to hold onto power. Most folks on the Shore will recognize this latest statement for what it is—merely an election year conversion,” Delegate Carozza said.

“While the current Senator and I can agree that Governor Larry Hogan is advancing the Shore’s priorities, it does not take away the fact that when I announced my candidacy for State Senate, Governor Larry Hogan came down to Ocean City and endorsed me on the spot. He endorsed me because he knows I stand with him when it counts, not just when it’s politically convenient.”

Delegate Carozza added: “I stood with Governor Hogan when he needed us to stand for lower utility bills for hard-working Marylanders, for transparency in the school funding process, and redistricting reform. My opponent stood against the Governor on all of those issues. These statements indicate that the Liberal Annapolis establishment is nervous about losing this seat. In the Senate, I’ll be the strong partner the Governor and the Shore can count on to cut taxes, bring jobs to the area, and stand up to the out of touch establishment.”

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Mary Beth Carozza for State Senate