After an intense 2022 Session of the General Assembly, I can report there were important successes along with several disappointments.

We tried to keep you informed as we went along and encouraged participation from constituents by emailing their support or opposition to the many bills coming before us. I especially appreciated those who gave personal testimony as well as those who came to visit us in Annapolis.

For a full summary of the highlights of what happened this session, go to my website tab: "Weekly Session Updates " and the subsection entitled "The Year in Review" at the bottom of the list.

Although I was back home every weekend, being back full time is a blessing as I can return to attending as many local events as possible. I hope to see you at one or more of them. The session may be over but working for my constituents continues daily.

I am running for re-election this year and your contribution of any amount is greatly appreciated to help cover campaign costs.

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Mary Beth Carozza for State Senate