Creating New Pathways for Work and Careers

Carozza Participates in First Apprenticeship 2030 Commission Meeting

Annapolis, Md – Senator Mary Beth Carozza (R-District 38) today said “we will be bold in creating new pathways for work and careers” after participating in the first meeting of the
Apprenticeship 2003 Commission on Tuesday. In July, Senator Carozza was appointed to by Senate President Bill Ferguson and fellow Eastern Shore Delegation member, Delegate Carl Anderton, was appointed by the House Speaker Adrienne Jones.

The purpose of the commission, established by passage of Senate Bill 104 in the 2023 Maryland General Assembly Session, is to examine and make recommendations to reduce skill shortages in high-demand occupations and provide affordable training for career pathways for young people.

“I constantly hear about the shortage of skilled and trained employees, and this appointment will allow me to continue to work with local industry, students and community leaders with an apprenticeship focus to meet the needs of the employers while keeping our young talent right here on the Shore,” said Carozza who has worked on this general priority with Shore employers, local technology high schools, Wor-Wic Community College, and the Tri-County Council since she was elected as a Delegate in 2014. 

Carozza noted workforce shortages in all the major industries, and that the work on the Apprenticeship Commission will be focused on expanding registered apprenticeships to 60,000 by 2030 and reaching the goal for 45 percent of high school graduates to complete the high school level of a registered apprenticeship.

During the Commission’s virtual meeting, Senator Carozza questioned the Maryland Department of Education Senior Director of Career and College Pathways, “What has the interaction been with local employers to increase their interest to participate and increase the number of youth apprenticeships?” asked Carozza, who continues to advocate for more local flexibility for students and employers in building out apprenticeship programs across all industries. The Commission is due to report its findings and recommendations to the Governor and the General Assembly by the end of this year.

Mary Beth Carozza for State Senate