Students Should Visit

MARYLAND -State Senator Mary Beth Carozza spoke with us about the need for more student visits to the statehouse in Annapolis.

Senator Carozza tells us during COVID-19 not many students were able to visit for field trips. However, on Thursday, Crisfield High School students visited which encouraged Senator Carozza.

Senator Carozza says she’s looking forward to more students making the trip to Annapolis to learn about the legislative process. She says the future of Maryland depends on the younger generation and the visits should be more purposeful so there can be a bright future for local politics. “Everything was open Thursday for them, they were able to be able to come into the senate gallery and I introduced them.” Senator Carozza adds, “We always encourage our students and our constituents to come up here and see us in action we appreciate the input very much during this session.”

The general assembly’s 2022 session ends Monday night.

To see the video: Senator Carozza encourages more students to visit the state house - 47abc (

Mary Beth Carozza for State Senate