Climate Solutions Bill

MARYLAND – Lawmakers brought Maryland one step closer to sweeping climate change action Monday night. The State Senate passed the Climate Solutions Now Act of 2022 by a 32-15 vote.

The bill paves the way to reduce statewide greenhouse gas emissions to 60% below levels in 2006, to 2030. It would also help grow the state’s electric vehicle fleet, and direct funding to schools to build net-zero facilities. The bill also directs the state to invest funding into private projects that help reduce gas emissions.

Plus, the Public Service Commission would have to rule whether or not there is enough grid capacity to support all-electric building codes. Buildings over 25,000 square feet would be required to reduce emissions of 2025 levels by 30% by 2035. In 2040, the goal is net-zero. Private and public schools, and historic buildings would be exempt.

Eastern Shore State Senators Mary Beth Carozza and Addie Eckardt voted against the bill. Sen. Carozza says while her constituents largely support fighting climate change, the financial implications of these adjustments could break the bank for some. “[My constituents] believe the real solutions for meeting Maryland’s emission reduction goals can, and must be, accomplished without threatening jobs, economic recovery, energy reliability, and energy affordability for families and businesses,” she said.

The bill is now onto the House of Representatives for review. If passed, it will go into effect in June, 2022.

To watch the TV interview: Md. Senate passes Climate Solutions Now Act of 2022 - 47abc (

Mary Beth Carozza for State Senate