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Thank you for your interest in my public service and for visiting my website. We want to hear from you, provide you with information about my Senate campaign, and use the website as a tool to work together on priority issues for Maryland's Eastern Shore. If you have not done so already and are interested, please sign up for my e-newsletter and photo/video updates. I am grateful for your support and hope to hear from you. Mary Beth


Tornado Hits Smith Island

For photos, see Senator Carozza's FaceBook page or click here:  Storm Photos by Jay Fleming Miracles & Inspiration on Smith Island After seeing firsthand the path of destruction of the waterspout tornado on Smith Island, I am in awe of the resiliency and faith of the people of Smith Island. They spoke of miracles: 88-year-old Doris Bradshaw escaped with little injury after her home was completely destroyed; Island Time, a bed and breakfast on Rhodes Point, had been full the day before but was empty when the tornado hit taking down the third floor; and some 30 people were worshipping in the tabernacle in the path of the tornado when it took a turn away to demolish a nearby shed, damage more homes, and throw and overturn boats and golf carts! As Delegate Charles Otto for Delegate 38A and I met and listened to the local residents, we were encouraged to see how much assistance was coming in and how the clean up and recovery were already underway. We talked to our county partners & Somerset County (MD) Sheriff's Office to coordinate assistance along with following up with state officials. We thank Sgt. Brimer of Smith Island Maryland Department of Natural Resources - Natural Resources Police for his assistance with our trip over to Smith Island. As the official requests for assistance are being prepared, we stand ready to do all we can to support the people and future of Smith Island! Smith Island United Crisfield-Somerset County Times Tornado photos by Jay Fleming As the residents and businesses of Smith Island clean up and recover from the waterspout tornado, this information from the Maryland Insurance Administration may be helpful! Smith Island United Crisfield-Somerset County Times Somerset County (MD) Sheriff's Office Somerset County Economic Development

National Night Out 2022

SALISBURY, Md. -Tonight Salisbury’s National Night Out was held. It’s a nationwide event where community members could interact with police to strengthen a bond. “So this is one of our best national traditions national night out 10 and Salisbury has one of the biggest ones going in this whole 3 county region, across the state, and across the nation it’s so important. So we’re here tonight you have members of law enforcement, emergency services, health department, neighbors, and friends all coming out, it’s now become an annual event. It’s a terrific turnout and you even have a cool breeze coming37,” says Senator Mary Beth Carozza. The Senator is referring to the big event, and 47 ABC got a first-hand look at what the event is all about. “National Night Out is a nationwide event, all law enforcement along the nation come together on this specific night and we engage with our community. We let them know what services we can provide them that they might not be familiar with and we also bring in a lot of our community stakeholders for other services that will be able to guide them through social services,” says Sergeant Thomas Hitty of the Salisbury Police Department. Attendees say the event was a blast and even educational. “Just a fun family day, night I guess,” says attendee Jennifer Loring. “Well actually it’s my first time being here so it’s pretty exciting pretty fun, interesting facts about drugs and safety and all that,” says attendee Ana Avila. But that’s not all there was at the event, the friendly Knight even made an appearance. “So tonight I’m here with Nate the Knight, he’s the mascot for National Night Out, so he’s going around introducing himself and taking pictures and mingling with everyone that’s down here,” says Sergeant Thomas Hitty of the Salisbury Police Department. Sergeant Thomas Hitty says the even bigger meaning behind the fun is to build a bond with the community. “We’ve actually had a really good foundation in our community here that we can do such events like this and have the community come out in support of us, so we’re really happy to be here. Our ultimate goal is to strengthen the bond between the community and law enforcement, not just Salisbury PD, but we also have members of the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office, Maryland State Police, Delmar State Police, and Salisbury University Police here. We want them to know that we’re out here working with them that way they feel more comfortable engaging their officers and being able to actually work with them and have a good time,” says Sergeant Thomas Hitty of the Salisbury Police Department.   TO SEE THE FULL VIDEO, CLICK THE LINK BELOW: Salisbury Night Out strengthening the bond between law enforcement and community members - 47abc (

Candidate Profiles

Maryland Senate Districts 37 and 38: Meet candidates in Primary 2022 Staff Report View Comments What do Maryland state Senate candidates think are the top issues facing Districts 37 and 38 on the Eastern Shore? Delmarva Now/The Daily Times sent questionnaires to each candidate seeking office in Maryland Senate Districts 37 and 38. Included were basic biographical questions, as well as opportunities to list websites and social media accounts so voters can learn beyond just answers to the questions we asked. Responses were limited to 500 characters — the equivalent of more than two tweets. Their answers are published unedited. The questionnaire was sent in mid-June, and follow-ups were made with those who hadn't responded. Those who didn't answer by June 29 are listed below as "Did not respond." The Primary is July 19, but early voting runs from July 7-14. Meet the candidates What makes you the best candidate for this office? Hyman: With a lifetime commitment to social, economic and racial justice, I would bring a fresh vision for District 37 and focus on the important issues we care about — mitigating climate change, protecting civil rights including a woman’s right to choose, affordable and accessible healthcare, sustainable economic growth, and our public education systems and higher education institutions. I believe in democracy and would build bridges to find common ground for our common good. Eckardt: History/experience in the House/Senate solving problems, relationships with a variety of groups and individuals, the ability to draft and pass legislation, knowledge and understanding of our current healthcare delivery system and nursing workforce. Local involvement in local groups and committees to understand the impact of policy implications. Member of Senate Budget and Tax Committee; sensitivity to local cultural issues and values. One of two Senate Republican women.   Mautz: During the past eight years, I have a proven, conservative record serving in the Maryland House of Delegates, including recognition from the American Conservative Union. I also have extensive experience working as a legislative lawyer and operating our family's small business. Most important to me is my experience growing up on the Eastern Shore and raising our two children, who attend local, public schools. I am personally invested in our future. Carozza: My total commitment to public service, steadfast work ethic to serving my constituents and my active involvement in all areas of my three-county district have led to strong community partnerships to achieve our shared Shore priorities. Raised in my family’s small business and having served in senior executive positions in Congress, at the Pentagon and in the Maryland Governor’s Office, I have a proven record of understanding priority issues and providing effective constituent service. What is the top issue facing this office, and what are your plans to address it? Hyman: The top issue is change. Climate change is already impacting our environment, infrastructure needs are evolving, our economy changes for better and for worse, and our population is becoming more diverse. District 37 deserves a representative who recognizes the complexity of what’s ahead and is ready to build a positive future for all of us, someone who will build bridges and collaborate to get things done, articulate our unique issues, and who will bring home the resources and solutions we need. Eckardt: Balancing the budget in challenging times with many newly funded initiatives, inflation, elimination of federal relief. Continue to decrease the tax burden on families. Monitor the cost and outcome of all new programs. Fund necessary infrastructure like wastewater, septic systems and BIPs economy from existing funds. Designate funding for priority areas in disparity counties and establish rural wastewater systems initiative throuth the Regional Councils and Rural Maryland. Mautz: Crime is one of several top issues. The effort to implement Police Reform has undermined our law enforcement and has not improved policing. I will support and work to implement policies that support our police and law enforcement. Also, I will work to implement transparency in our criminal justice system, and will support new laws that serve as a deterrent to criminal activity. Carozza: The safety of my constituents is my top priority. We must have safe neighborhoods and communities in order to be successful in achieving all other goals. I will continue to be a strong supporter of law enforcement, fire/ems, health care workers and all involved in public safety by ensuring they have the resources they need to protect the public. I support additional security at our schools and increased penalties for repeat, violent offenders to ensure consequences for criminal activity. What steps would you take to increase transparency in your office? Hyman: We cannot build strong families, healthy communities, or genuine and sustainable economic prosperity on a platform of divisiveness and mistrust. If we want those things, we must build bridges to one another as a first step in reweaving the fabric of our democracy. I believe that transparency is a fundamental obligation of government, and am committed to providing excellent constituent service and to being accessible and responsible to District 37 constituents. Eckardt: Continue to be highly visible in the community, weekly wrapups on the newest information on open meetings in Annapolis. Assure internet connectivity for all households. In Maryland all committees, hearings and voting sessions are online. The budget and documents are also available. Include the public via zoom and phone as necessary. We also provide tutorials in accessing information Mautz: I strongly support video streaming of all proceedings in the General Assembly and committees to ensure citizens have access. It can be difficult to access recordings, I will work to ensure they are more user friendly. I firmly support in person and open meetings for the public to participate if they wish to drive to Annapolis. I also plan to conduct periodic, public meetings within our district. Carozza: I support continued efforts to open up more hearings, meetings and forums held by state government agencies and by the MD General Assembly to the public, to ensure greater accessibility to the public, and to increase the posting on the appropriate websites. In my own Senate office, I will continue to provide weekly email legislative updates during session and to use my social media, primarily Facebook, to post more public service announcements for my constituents on timely issues and events.

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Mary Beth Carozza for State Senate