cRISFIELD'S Mayor Darlene Taylor says this will be a big help to the community. The funding is set to help a plethora of issues in the city. That includes projects to address climate resilience and flooding. In addition to stormwater pumping and funding for Crisfield police. The police department will be getting extra funding for more patrols, along with more attention to alcohol issues, with more compliance checks for underage drinking.

Mayor Taylor says the city is happy to receive the funding. “We’re looking to do things to help revitalize the city across the board. We definitely need some economic boosts, we need a boost for some activity in the city and one of the main issues we have is flooding, so a lot of the funding that we have will help with our infrastructure,” says Mayor Darlene Taylor.

As of right now, Mayor Taylor says many of these projects are in the works so she doesn’t know when they will be completed, however, the city is excited that they can begin working on bettering the area of Crisfield and some of that funding will go towards the Crisfield City Dock.

State Senator Mary Beth Carozza is sponsoring a bond worth $100,000 to improve the area. She calls the dock an anchor point for Crisfield, adding outdoor events and venues could draw even more visitors. The senator credits Councilman Eric Banks for keeping the project going.

Now the work is beginning to strengthen this area of Crisfield. “This money will be used for the planning and the vision of the Crisfield dock which is really the anchor of Crisfield, when you think about it when people come to Crisfield and they’re coming down 413, where do they want to go? They want to go straight and they’re headed right to the dock and they’ll be able to see the beautiful views,” says Senator Mary Beth Carozza.

Senator Carozza says this will not just benefit tourism, but locals as well.



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