Delegate Mary Beth Carozza Issues Statement on Financial Impact of State-Sponsored Health Insurance

Delegate Mary Beth Carozza Issued the following statement on the financial impact of State-sponsored health insurance: 

“I strongly oppose the Democratic nominee's State-sponsored health insurance plan and call on my opponent, Senator Jim Mathias, to disavow this outrageous proposal. I am alarmed by the enormous cost of the State-sponsored health insurance plan proposed by Democratic gubernatorial nominee Ben Jealous which would result in higher taxes and fees on Maryland families and businesses, and that's according to the non-partisan Maryland Department of Legislative Services. It's completely unacceptable and irresponsible for a gubernatorial nominee to propose a plan that would be so hurtful to our Shore families and small businesses, a scheme that would cost Maryland taxpayers $24 billion a year. This would require a burdensome 10% payroll tax against businesses and a $2,800 fee on every man, woman, and child in Maryland, thus killing jobs and potentially financially ruining thousands of Maryland families.This plan would force lawmakers to raise taxes, which hardworking Marylanders simply can’t afford.

I will continue to work with Governor Hogan to keep healthcare affordable and accessible for Maryland families. We need to protect the options available to Marylanders, without raising taxes or placing unnecessary burdens on our hard-working Maryland families and small businesses.”

Mary Beth Carozza for State Senate