Funding for OC Life Saving Museum

Maryland BPW Approves Funding for the Ocean City Life-Saving Museum

The Maryland Board of Public Works has approved $600,000 to the Town of Ocean City for the
Ocean City Life-Saving Museum to become ADA compliant by installing an elevator, elevator
lobby, and emergency exit stairs. The funding was approved at the June 7, 2023 BPW meeting.

Senator Mary Beth Carozza requested and secured this funding for the improvements to the
Ocean City Life-Saving Museum through the capital bonds process in 2021.

“More than any other place in Ocean City, this Life-Saving Museum tells the story of Ocean
City’s history and the role of the U.S. Life-Saving Service dating back to 1891,” said Carozza,
who represents Ocean City in the Maryland State Senate. “It’s been a special place, overlooking
our scenic Inlet at the south end of the Boardwalk, for both visitors and locals to enjoy and
experience the ‘Ocean City’ Story, with an amazing early surfing display and a unique exhibit on
the history of the pioneering women of Ocean City.”

The Ocean City Life-Saving Museum is a facility that is owned and operated by the Town of
Ocean City that showcases both the history of Ocean City and the Life-Saving profession which
predates the U.S. Coast Guard.

Senator Carozza also sponsored legislation in 2022, Senate Bill 64, to allow the Ocean City Life-
Saving Museum to move forward with construction. The legislation required the Maryland
Department of Natural Resources’ approval for the construction of this project within the State-
Ocean City Beach Erosion Control District.

After the Department’s careful review of the
legislation, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources supported SB 64 which unanimously
passed both chambers of the Maryland General Assembly and was signed into law on May 16,
2022 by Governor Larry Hogan.

Mary Beth Carozza for State Senate