National Night Out 2022

SALISBURY, Md. -Tonight Salisbury’s National Night Out was held.

It’s a nationwide event where community members could interact with police to strengthen a bond.

“So this is one of our best national traditions national night out 10 and Salisbury has one of the biggest ones going in this whole 3 county region, across the state, and across the nation it’s so important. So we’re here tonight you have members of law enforcement, emergency services, health department, neighbors, and friends all coming out, it’s now become an annual event. It’s a terrific turnout and you even have a cool breeze coming37,” says Senator Mary Beth Carozza.

The Senator is referring to the big event, and 47 ABC got a first-hand look at what the event is all about.

“National Night Out is a nationwide event, all law enforcement along the nation come together on this specific night and we engage with our community. We let them know what services we can provide them that they might not be familiar with and we also bring in a lot of our community stakeholders for other services that will be able to guide them through social services,” says Sergeant Thomas Hitty of the Salisbury Police Department.

Attendees say the event was a blast and even educational.

“Just a fun family day, night I guess,” says attendee Jennifer Loring.

“Well actually it’s my first time being here so it’s pretty exciting pretty fun, interesting facts about drugs and safety and all that,” says attendee Ana Avila.

But that’s not all there was at the event, the friendly Knight even made an appearance.

“So tonight I’m here with Nate the Knight, he’s the mascot for National Night Out, so he’s going around introducing himself and taking pictures and mingling with everyone that’s down here,” says Sergeant Thomas Hitty of the Salisbury Police Department.

Sergeant Thomas Hitty says the even bigger meaning behind the fun is to build a bond with the community.

“We’ve actually had a really good foundation in our community here that we can do such events like this and have the community come out in support of us, so we’re really happy to be here. Our ultimate goal is to strengthen the bond between the community and law enforcement, not just Salisbury PD, but we also have members of the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office, Maryland State Police, Delmar State Police, and Salisbury University Police here. We want them to know that we’re out here working with them that way they feel more comfortable engaging their officers and being able to actually work with them and have a good time,” says Sergeant Thomas Hitty of the Salisbury Police Department.



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