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January 11, 2022


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Senator Carozza Supports Governor Hogan’s Top Legislative Priorities


Annapolis, MD- Senator Mary Beth Carozza today voiced strong support for Governor Hogan’s 2022 top legislative priorities including major tax relief and law enforcement legislation and funding which remain key priorities in District 38. 


State Retirement Tax Relief 

Governor Hogan’s has designated a $4.6 billion tax relief package targeted to hard-working families, small businesses, and retirees. This major tax relief package includes the Retirement Tax Reduction Act eliminating 100 percent of state retirement taxes in Maryland; the Working Marylanders Tax Relief Act making permanent the enhanced earned income tax credit (EITC); providing small business fee relief; extending the successful More Jobs for Marylanders manufacturing program for an additional five years, and making permanent the Project Restore Act to support long-term COVID-19 economic recovery.


“I have been a strong supporter of Governor Hogan’s tax relief legislation, especially targeted to small businesses and retirees, making Maryland a great place to live, work, and retire. Throughout this entire pandemic, I have been working with our job creators and business operators to assist with their COVID-19 recovery. Many of our small businesses have taken a financial and workforce shortage hit, and would greatly benefit from the Governor’s initiatives,” said Senator Carozza.


Re-Fund Law Enforcement Initiative

Governor Hogan also has announced the three-year expansion of his Re-Fund the Police Initiative. This initiative releases $500 million to support law enforcement, crime control, and victim protection services across the state.

The Re-Fund the Police Initiative includes $150 million for historic salary increases and bonuses for law enforcement officers; $137 million for a 50 percent increase in state police aid to local jurisdictions statewide; $24 million to create a new Accountability Resources Fund; and $1 million for the Maryland Chiefs of Police Association and the Maryland Sheriffs’ Association to further expand operational training and support.

The Governor also is planning to re-introduce major crime legislation to address violent crime during this session convening Wednesday, January 12, which includes the Violent Firearms Offender Act and the Judicial Transparency Act. The Violent Firearms Offender Act enhances penalties for using guns in violent crimes, illegally selling and possessing firearms. The Judicial Transparency Act, on the other hand, will require the Maryland State Commission on Criminal Sentencing Policy to track and publish detailed information on the sentences that are handed down by judges for violent crimes.

Senator Carozza remains a strong supporter of law enforcement and uses her position in the Maryland State Senate to advocate for public safety.

“Public safety remains job number one, especially with violent crime on the rise. We should do everything we can to ensure that our law enforcement is supported and that Marylanders are safe in their homes and communities,” Carozza stated.

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