Tornado Hits Smith Island

For photos, see Senator Carozza's FaceBook page or click here:  Storm Photos by Jay Fleming
Miracles & Inspiration on Smith Island
After seeing firsthand the path of destruction of the waterspout tornado on Smith Island, I am in awe of the resiliency and faith of the people of Smith Island.
They spoke of miracles:
88-year-old Doris Bradshaw escaped with little injury after her home was completely destroyed;
Island Time, a bed and breakfast on Rhodes Point, had been full the day before but was empty when the tornado hit taking down the third floor; and
some 30 people were worshipping in the tabernacle in the path of the tornado when it took a turn away to demolish a nearby shed, damage more homes, and throw and overturn boats and golf carts!
As Delegate Charles Otto for Delegate 38A and I met and listened to the local residents, we were encouraged to see how much assistance was coming in and how the clean up and recovery were already underway. We talked to our county partners & Somerset County (MD) Sheriff's Office to coordinate assistance along with following up with state officials. We thank Sgt. Brimer of Smith Island Maryland Department of Natural Resources - Natural Resources Police for his assistance with our trip over to Smith Island. As the official requests for assistance are being prepared, we stand ready to do all we can to support the people and future of Smith Island!
As the residents and businesses of Smith Island clean up and recover from the waterspout tornado, this information from the
Mary Beth Carozza for State Senate