Carozza Reponds to Governor's Safety Package

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Governor Wes Moore today laid out the Moore-Miller administration’s new vision to address public safety in Maryland. The strategy is an all-of-the-above approach focused on supporting law enforcement; building stronger, more vibrant communities; coordinating across all aspects of government; and investing in Maryland’s youth through the Safe Summer initiative...


UPDATED – 06-16-23 –

Response from District 38 State Senator Mary Beth Carozza (Worcester, Wicomico & Somerset Counties):

“During a week where we on the Eastern Shore were honoring the life of Corporal Glenn Hilliard on the one-year anniversary of his brutal murder by a repeat, violent offender, the Governor’s public safety announcement struck a raw nerve in my district where two of our finest law enforcement, Delmar Police Corporal Keith Heacook and Wicomico County Sheriff Corporal Glenn Hilliard, were savagely murdered by repeat, violent criminals over the last two years.

My constituents are demanding accountability and real consequences when it comes to dealing with repeat, violent offenders, and they are frustrated that there are no bold plans in addressing the violent crime in our communities,” said Carozza, who was one of the speakers at a June 12 vigil held on the one-year anniversary of the murder of Cpl. Glenn Hilliard at the Pittsville Fire Department.

Carozza noted that the Governor’s announcement concentrated on coordination and information sharing between various levels of law enforcement and a new summer youth program for juveniles within the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, with the expectation that this pilot program will expand to other state agencies. The Governor’s plan did not include any measures to reduce drug-trafficking, armed robberies, car-jackings or homicides, nor did it increase penalties against repeat violent offenders to remove them from the streets where they intimidate witnesses and influence young minds to follow in their footsteps. None of the Governor’s proposed initiatives reduce the number of illegal guns in the hands of criminals nor hold violent juveniles accountable for their crimes.

“This announcement follows the 2023 legislative session where the supermajority of Democrats went after law enforcement, instead of criminals, by passing legislation to increase the prosecutorial powers of the Attorney General to investigate law enforcement and by taking away one of the most effective tools of removing illegal guns from the streets by no longer allowing police to search vehicles that smell of marijuana. Without this tool, more illegal guns will be accessible to criminals. The Governor could have vetoed these measures that hurt law enforcement and reduce public safety, but they are now going into effect,” said Carozza.

“Public safety should be the number one priority for anyone involved in public service, whether elected or not, or whether directly involved or not,” said Carozza. “You can’t truly move forward with excellence in education, more affordable housing and healthcare, or a cleaner environment if Marylanders are not safe in their homes, neighborhoods, and communities. And public safety can only work if you have real accountability and real consequences.”

As we prepare for the 2024 legislative session, we will keep calling for and pressing the Governor and the legislature to work with us on commonsense violent crime policies and legislation. We say their names – Corporal Keith Heacook, Corporal Glenn Hilliard and the countless names of all Maryland victims of violent crimes – as we push for real accountability and consequences for the safety of all Marylanders.”

Mary Beth Carozza for State Senate