Dear Scholarship Applicant: 

Thank you for your interest in our scholarship program. Eligibility for the Senator Mary Beth Carozza Legislative Scholarship is as follows:

  • Be a resident of Legislative District 38 
  • Attend a Maryland college, university, or trade school or have a Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC) approved unique major
  • Have a cumulative grade point average of 5 or higher

Please return the following items to my office:

  • Completed application form (including the required essay)
  • An official sealed copy of your transcript
  • A copy of your SAT/ACT scores (high school seniors only)
  • A one-page summary outlining your work history and academic/extracurricular accomplishments
  • MHEC requires you to file your FAFSA – please send the first two pages of your FAFSA Student Aid Report. Please do not send your entire FAFSA.

If you do not include all of the above items, my office will be unable to process your application. Per MHEC guidelines, only one Senatorial Scholarship may be awarded per student, per district. If you are already receiving a Senatorial Scholarship, you do not need to reapply as it is automatically renewed as long as you are in good standing with your school.

  • Deadlines:
  • for high school seniors: Once you have completed your application, please send it by April 15, 2024. You will be notified once the awards have been made by the end of May.
  • No deadline for other applicants.

2)     Once completed, please email your packet back to us or mail it at the below address:


Senator Mary Beth Carozza

11 Bladen Street, Room 316

Annapolis, Maryland 21401


To request an application or for assistance or more time to complete the application, please contact my office at [email protected] and/or (410) 841-3645,


Awarded scholarships will be sent directly to your college institution. I encourage you to apply and send in your application soon.




                                                                                 MARY BETH CAROZZA
                                                                                 State Senator—District 38

                                                                                 Worcester, Wicomico, and Somerset

Mary Beth Carozza for State Senate