Dear Scholarship Applicant:  

Thank you for your interest in our scholarship program. Eligibility for the Senator Mary Beth  Carozza Legislative Scholarship is as follows:  

  • Be a resident of Legislative District 38  
  • Attend a Maryland college, university or trade school or have a Maryland Higher  Education Commission (MHEC) approved unique major 
  • Have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher

You must return the following items to my office Completed application form (including the required essay)  

  • An official sealed copy of your transcript  
  • A copy of your SAT/ACT scores (high school seniors only
  • A one-page summary outlining your work history and academic/extracurricular  accomplishments 
  • MHEC requires you to file your FAFSA – please send your FAFSA summary sheet.  Please do not send your entire FAFSA.  

If you do not include all of the above items, my office will be unable to process your application.  Per MHEC guidelines, only one Senatorial Scholarship may be awarded per student, per district.  If you are already receiving a Senatorial Scholarship, you do not need to reapply as it is automatically renewed. 

Mail your completed application,  to:  

Senator Mary Beth Carozza 

11 Bladen Street, Room 314 

Annapolis, Maryland 21401 

You will be notified when all selections have been made.  Awarded scholarships will be sent directly to your college institution. Contact Diana in my office with any questions at [email protected] or (410) 841-3645. 



State Senator—District 38 Somerset, Wicomico, and Worcester

Not sure if you live in Legislative District 38? Visit and type in your home address to find out.




Maryland State Senate Scholarship Application – District 38  

Senator Mary Beth Carozza  

11 Bladen Street, Room 314 Annapolis, MD 21401  



Applications must be  mailed to the address above.  Please fill out all information. If you do not possess the information required, please provide a brief explanation.  




Legislative District: _____________ (You must be a resident of District 38 to receive this scholarship)  


High School:               Graduation Year:         


College/University that you plan to attend or are already attending and your year of study:  



(Please note: If you plan to attend or are already attending an out-of-state college, attach verification from the Maryland Higher Education Commission that your major is approved as a  

“unique” major.)  


Have you been accepted?  YES/NO    Do you live with your parents: YES/NO  

                (If NO, please skip to page 2)  


If you live with your parents or guardians:  


  How many children are dependent on your parents or guardians?          


  Father/Guardian and Occupation:                   


  Mother/Guardian and Occupation:                  


  GROSS FAMILY INCOME:                   


  How much will your family contribute toward your college expenses?         


  If you worked, your gross income for 2021:                


If you are not living with your parents:   


  How many children are dependent on you?                


  Your Occupation and Income:                   


  If Married, Spouse Occupation and Income:                



Have you applied for/received any other financial aid: Yes     No       

If yes, please explain:  


Source of Aid       Type of Aid      Amount Per Year  






Have you applied or are you planning to apply for a scholarship from one of the District 38 Delegates?  

YES___ NO___  





Are there any special family circumstances to consider? (Divorce, medical conditions or expenses, disabilities, other?)  








Required Essay Question:  


Senator Mary Beth Carozza has spent her life dedicated to public service. She has served as a Congressional Chief of Staff, as a senior executive in the United States Department of Defense, as Deputy Chief of Staff to former Maryland Governor Robert Ehrlich, a Maryland State Delegate, and now as a Maryland State Senator. In 500 words or less on a separate typed, double-spaced page, discuss any community service projects and/or organizations you are involved in and how your experience is preparing you to serve your community in the future.   




Signature:                  Date:          









Mary Beth Carozza for State Senate