Kirwan Blueprint Update

Nearly 890,000 public school students attend one of Maryland’s more than 1,400 public schools each year under the supervision of one of more than 3,500 school leaders spread across the state’s 24 jurisdictions. But with two statewide education-related boards now operating, it begs the question: Who is really in charge?

That question is one the Senate Committee on the Education, Energy and the Environment sought clarity on during a briefing on kindergarten through 12th grade school governance Wednesday...

“Our (local school systems) have received some conflicting and confusing messages from (Maryland State Department of Education) and the (Accountability and Implementation Board) when it comes to Blueprint implementation,” said Sen. Mary Beth Carozza, R-Wicomico, referring to the state’s multi-billion dollar education law starting implementation this year. The Accountability and Implementation Board has responsibilities tied to local jurisdictions’ funding.


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Who's really in charge of Maryland's education policy? Lawmakers meet to tackle question

Mary Beth Carozza for State Senate