Last Day Push

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – The 2022 Maryland General Assembly is coming to a close and eastern shore legislators still have a few bills on their plate they hope will pass by Monday.

Maryland legislators are working double-time to get last-minute bills in front of Governor Larry Hogan, and some hot topic bills are still awaiting their fate. “This was supposed to be a non-controversial session and it’s turning out to be very controversial,” says Delegate Johnny Mautz.

According to Delegate Wayne Hartman, he’s hoping the Governor vetoes a few controversial bills. “Looking for the Governor’s vetoes to come through the paid family leave, I think it is going to be something that’s really going to be hard for the business community.” He adds, “I’m not giving up on that, we have a few more days to try to push for that and overall I think a good session.”

Not just the paid family medical leave, but bills like the ghost gun bill, gas tax extension, energy tax, and a Sunday hunting bill in Somerset county just to name a few bills on the forefront.  “We’ll go all the way up till midnight on Monday and then the work has to be completed by then, adjourn sign or die and that’s it,” says Senator Mary Beth Carozza.

Eastern Shore legislators we spoke with tell us, that a lot of the major work has been done but the last three days give them a chance for any last-minute concerns. “Some of these local bills that are moving through the process and look to be on track and we just want to make sure we don’t run out of time,” says Senator Carozza.

Meanwhile, Speaker Pro Tem, Sheree Sample-Hughes says she was able to pass multiple bills and secure funding for Eastern Shore industries. She says there have been many impactful bills this session, and she wants to finish off strong. “Our members are up for the challenge and we’re really trying to get the priorities of where they need to be.”

To move forward, Speaker Pro Tem Sample-Hughes says it will take the work of legislators on both sides of the aisle. “If you have a great idea and we’re able to move forward and make things better for the citizens then that for me, that’s what it’s all about.”

However, even after the assembly ends, lawmakers say the work doesn’t stop there. “We get through the next couple of days and we get home and try to figure out the best course of action and how to deal with things,” says Del. Mautz. Del. Hartman adds, “I feel so disconnected from the community so I think it’s important to get back home and see what’s changed and catch up with the community.”

Speaker Pro Tem Sample-Hughes also says, during this session they were able to address major concerns like education, small businesses, and climate change. “we’re moving towards a cleaner environment and we’re also doing it a little bit in more of an economical way to do it.”

The end of the session is Monday at midnight.


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