Mixed Reviews for a Marijuana Bill in Maryland

MARYLAND -- A bill with multiple implications on marijuana use and possession has passed in Maryland's General Assembly. If House Bill 1071 is signed into law, police would no longer be able to use the odor of marijuana as probable cause to search some ones car....

...One person staunchly against is Wicomico County Sheriff Mike Lewis. To say Sheriff Lewis was fuming when we spoke with him, would be an understatement. 

"This is not a victory for law abiding citizens, this is a victory for criminals, it's a victory for those who enjoy riding around smoking weed, smoking dope, doing their thing," said Lewis. ..  "I'm as frustrated now as I've ever been, I truly am," said Lewis. "Because I see our state being destroyed from the inside by Maryland lawmakers who are determined to do what the hell they want to do." 

One lawmaker on Lewis' side of the aisle is Senator Mary Beth Carozza. Carozza, a Republican, represents Somerset, Wicomico and Worcester Counties. 

Carozza provided WBOC with a statement on this matter

"This is outrageous that the supermajority Democrats in the Maryland General Assembly would take away another tool from law enforcement to search and recover illegal guns and contraband at a time when there has been no legislative action on violent crime. This bill was jammed through just minutes before midnight over the strong and vocal objections of Republicans in both the Senate and House."


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